Monday, November 29, 2010

Back alive

So blogging has become a trend. Quite a few of my friends are blogger. It seems fun. But following the trend is not the reason why i have decided to join the blogging community.  My primary intention is to use this blog as a tool to share my photography. This can also be my little outlet to vent my emotions.

Why now, you may ask.  The past 3 years of my life were dedicated to studying. I had exams after exams as part of my 5 years training in Pathology. After all the hardwork, i have finally completed my training and cleared the exams.  Hence the title "back alive" for this post.  When you have dedicated all your time and energy to hardcore exam preparation, practically quarantining yourself at home 24/7 and removing yourself from any form of social activities, you don't feel alive as i believe human beings thrive on people-to-people interactions. It is actually a weird feeling, now that i can be normal again. I still hesitate for a few seconds before i switch on the TV.  I have been telling my peers it is like a tough pregnancy. You have morning sickness for he first 3 months and lower back pain in the later part of the pregnancy. You want the pregnancy to end soon but when it is finally over, a sense of emptiness hits you.  I am still adjusting to that. But the joy that comes with the achievement is certainly sinking in slowly.

So what have i been doing since?  I have been eating out a lot, sleeping more and taking lots of photos.  My wife is out of the country.  I really want to share the joy with her, i guess i just have to wait a while longer.  I had a nice japanese dinner at a local japanese restaurant with some friends the other night.  I must say i was pretty impressed with the food. I am sure i will go back again.

The beef Tataki was absolutely beautiful. The thickness of the meet was spot on (i have tried some thick horrible ones). I feel like going back already.


  1. Hey... welcome to blog sphere.

    Very nice food photography, especially like the one with the prawn. Love the warm of the picture. Did you use only ambient lighting?

    Drop by when you are free. Unfortunately, I have been very slack in updating the blog. Link me...

  2. Yes just ambient light. I tried using my camera's built in flash but the effect was not ideal and i did not bring my speedlite, can't bounch my light. So i cranked my ISO up because it was very dark. You can actually see some noise in the shadows.