Monday, September 12, 2011

Rugby world cup Part 2


10.9.2011, second day of RWC.  Things have quiet down a little, but there was still a small crowd at Queen's wharf.  Since we have missed out on Friday, Hui and I have decided to have a nosey at Queen's wharf and see what is the fuss all about.

It was a warm sunny day.  First thing that caught our eyes were a big white Rugby ball and a huge screen broadcasting live games.  Then i saw the CLOUD.  To me it was just a white enclosed corridor with lots of mega screens in it with a few bars serving cold beers.  It certainly did not look like something that costs more than 9 million dollars.

After a night of shooting fireworks with my DSLR last night i got a bit tired and lazy of lugging a big old camera around town.  So i brought my relatively new Nikon P300 point and shoot with me for a change.  It is pretty small, about the same size as a Canon S95, also cladded in black plastic.  The two major differences between the two cameras are the smaller CMOS censor in my P300 vs Canon S95's larger CCD sensor.  CCD sensor drains the camera battery like there is no tomorrow, leading to a poor battery life.  The battery life in my P300 is much better thanks to the more energy efficient CMOS censor.  The downside is the smaller size of CMOS censor costs the Nikon some points when it comes to depth of field and image noise.  Another difference is the maximum aperture, f1.8 in the Nikon and only f2.0 in the Canon.

Here are some photos taken at Queen's wharf, using the Nikon P300.

Giant Rugby ball

Some of the photos here are straight out from camera while others have had some minor curves adjustment done to them in Aperture 3.  Considering the P300 is a sub NZ$400 point and shoot camera, i reckon the images are pretty good.

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