Saturday, December 31, 2011


I was taking a walk at the Auckland Domain the other day and out of no where a few of these birds plunged from the sky and gathered on the grass started looking for food.  Their colours were so bright and eye catching.  I did a quick lens swap, pulled out my 70-300mm and started following them. I can tell you 70-300mm may sound like a very long lens, but it was still too short for catching Parakeets like these.  Even with my crop factor of 1.5.  They were shy. I had to get low onto the ground and moved inch by inch commando style to get closer.   This was the closest i got to one of them.

Pukekos are easier to get close to.  They tend to be less shy.  There is a wetland across the road from where i stay.  I see Pukekos feeding there everyday.


  1. Nice birdies...

    The colourful one is a Eastern Rosella, native to East Coast of Australia, I read that the population in North Island was introduced years ago.

    Pukekos... Nice name. Better than purple swamp hens, that is the name for this purple birds in Australia.

    get a 600mm telephoto lens:P

  2. Is Rosella not a Parakeet? I don't photograph birds that often. Not often enough to spend money on a 600mm anyway. I want a 70-200 f2.8 :)

  3. I just found out that a Rosella can also be called parakeet. :) Parakeet is just a name for different species of small to medium size Parrots (according to wiki).

    70-200 2.8 NICE.... I am still happy with my 100-400F4-5.6.