Monday, April 2, 2012

End of summer

Hot sunny summer. Who doesn't like it? I love the heat. You can't blame me. I grew up in Malaysia. I am used to the heat and the constant sweat on the back. Kiwis are summer creatures. Local beaches are always packed during summer. Parks too. Like many good things in life, summer doesn't last forever. Before i knew it, the day has became shorter. The lilies in my front yard started perishing, Pukekos stopped feeding on the field near my house, the Pohutukawas lost their crimson red flowers and the trees in Auckland Domain started shedding leaves.

I was holding the on call phone over the weekend for my lab. That means i had to have the phone turned on at all times. I couldn't leave town or go for a movie. I decided not to stay home facing the four walls all weekend. I went for a walk in Auckland Domain, to embrace the last bit of summer in the park before the chill moves in. I had my 1.4kg new lens with me.

Soon, the green field will be carpeted by clumps of red leaves. Some call that melancholy, while others call it romantic.

These photos of kids playing cricket had to be taken with the highest resolution possible on my camera and cropped in post processing. That was because from where i was standing, my 70-200mm lens was simply too short.

Ice cream after a game of cricket...priceless.

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