Friday, June 15, 2012

Wedding: Glenn and Charise

WEDDING: Glenn & Charise

Photography has been my passion for the past three years. I have done baby portraits, an engagement shoot, photographed an All Blacks rugby game, photographed Heineken tennis open and done landscape and streets photography. I have always wanted to shoot a wedding.  I have done an informal one some two years ago but as a guest at a friend's wedding, not as the official photographer. My wish came true when a friend and budding wedding photographer Jasmine Maclean asked me to be her second shooter at a wedding.

Glenn and Charise have been together for 16 years and have raised three beautiful kids together. They were 19 and 16 when they first met, on Wellesley street when Glenn's V8 Ute broke down, right in front of Charise.  They met again in town some weeks later and the chemistry started.  They had their first date on an Auckland anniversary weekend, watching fireworks and having long chats on the summit of Mount Eden.  Sixteen years later, they wanted to affirm their love for each other in front of family and friends. And here we are, at Waipuna hotel in Auckland on 19.5.2012.

I started my shoot at the groom's place where all the boys were getting ready.  The weather was playing nice and everyone in the house were relax with the boys chatting away while sipping on their Woodcock Bourbon. It was not until it was time for them to put on their suits and ties that things started sinking in. I could then see the excitement in Glenn's eyes while he was doing up his tie and helping his two boys with their suits.

There was a little of panic when Jesse couldn't do up his top button around the collar. They realised Jesse has grown and the collar was a little tight.  But things turned out fine in the end and all the boys looked really smart in their suits.

 After everybody was done, we went out for a short posed photo session.  

Then the boys came out with a rather unusual idea, posing with their hunting rifles. I thought, if using rifles to hunt is part of their life stories, why not. We managed to make some cool looking shots from there.  I have decided to posterize some of the shots to produce a Manga-like mood.

The sky turned a little gloomy when we arrived at the wedding venue. The outdoor chairs were covered up with plastic in case it rain, but it didn't.

The bride arrived in a funky car, electric blue in colour with the registration plate spelling "Hulk".

The food at the reception was pretty good. Two guest didn't make it to the dinner. Glenn and Charis kindly offered the two seats to me and Jasmine. Lucky.

After the speeches and dessert, it was time for the dance of their lifetime.

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