Sunday, January 16, 2011

Halfway through holiday

Time flies. Half of my two-month holiday is over. I got back from Malaysia almost a week ago. I departed at Singapore's Changi airport. I took a super early flight flying at 8:50am, meaning i had to check in by 6:50am. I stayed a night in Johor Bahru the day before and had the opportunity to walk around the older part of town for a bit. The few photos you will see here were taken at a street called Culture street (Tan Hiok Nee street). There, you will find old buildings with a very vintage feel. We found this cafe with pretty cool decor and display inside. The weird thing is you will find a crappy stairway at the back of the cafe that will lead you into a tiny hair salon upstairs, tucked away quietly. If i hadn't been led there i would have never thought i can get a haircut there.

My last dinner in Malaysia was a sumptuous seafood feast at a local restaurant called "Three stories" (San Lou). It has a semi open air foodcourt style setting, doesn't look like much on first impression but their killer secret is their food, not so much their presentation.  It is always packed full of hungry people, mostly from Singapore.  We had stir fried fish head, chilli crab,  deep fried squid, and stir fried rice noodle. Unfortunately i did not bring my camera along to the dinner, so no pictures of the yummy food to show.

Arrived at Auckland at midnight. Haven't had much sleep on the plane. An Indian woman kept hassling me to swap seat with random members of her very extensive family. Somehow her family members were all allocated seats far away from each other and she was not very happy. The thing is i always request for an aisle seat so i can stretch my legs a little and it will be easier to get to the toilet. She wanted me to swap with her daughter (a rather uncomfortable middle seat). The annoying part was she made the demand in a rather impolite manner. She sat down beside me and pointed towards her daughter's middle seat and said "Can you go sit there" (in a rather stern tone). She sounded like a grumpy headmistress ordering her student around. I wasn't very pleased. So naturally i said no. But she was persistent. Five minutes later she hassled me again to swap with another daughter of hers, this time my aisle seat for another aisle seat further back in the cabin. I thought if i said no, there would a good chance she would make my next 10 hours on the plane a bit  unpleasant. So i agreed. There was no thank you or any sign of appreciation after the swap. Don't you just hate it when people have no understanding of good manners?

It's good to be back. Back to a place where cars actually stop at a zebra crossing, back in a place where people understand what a queue is, back in a place where freedom of speech and basic human right means something.

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