Monday, January 3, 2011

Vegetables garden

My house in my home town Batu Pahat is located in the hilly fringe of the town where the population is fairly low.  It's a quiet place at the bottom of a rain forest. Some of the forest areas have been converted into vegetable farm by local farmers.  It has been that way for years.  I can literally see the farmers from my balcony. Sometimes i can smell the fertilisers they use (not very pleasant at times considering they use a lot of "organic" fertilisers if you know what i mean).

I have never been onto the compound of the vege farm although i am aware that people from my neighbourhood often go up there for evening walks and pick up a few free cabbages, chillies etc on their way out.  Today i have decided to follow my mum up there for a visit. And of course, i went with my DSLR.  The sky was totally overcast and i feared it was going to rain and that the rain will drench my camera. So i brought along two of my cheapest lenses and carried them in a Lowepro camera bag for partial water resistent. We also had an umbrella handy.

We met some farmers up there and i politely asked permission for a few portraits but they turned my offer down without hesitation, saying that they are shy. In the end i took a couple of shots of them with my tele-lens anyway.

You will be surprise how many people around us are camera shy. According to a survery done by Fujifilm in 2006, 73% of women and 50% of men are uneasy in front of a camera. The body weight of the subjects, the messy hair and the clothes they are wearing are apparently the commonest reasons for the camera-shyness.

Anyway, i took a few landscape shots of the farm but the sky looked super gloomy, not very ideal for landscapes. On my way out, i saw a few crows on the lamp post. It was almost like they were talking to each other. The original photo of the birds were nothing exciting due to the dull sky. So i converted the photo into a mono using gradient map, followed by a quick level-adjustment and finally a hue/saturation layer with the colour set to a sepia tone to create a better tonal range.

Red hot chilli

Lady's finger

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