Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A dog, a cat and a skater

The weather has been less than predictable the past few days. Summer is supposed to be dry and warm, but it has been raining on and off recently. This annoys me because it means i have to stay at home.

The rain has decided to stay away today. I spent a while trimming down my Lavender which has grown rapidly into a wild bush, rather unpleasant to sight. It looks heaps better now. I have kept most of the Lavender flowers i have removed and stuck them upright into two ceramic vases at my door step. Now when i enter my house i will be greeted with a light and somewhat "Tuscan" scent. These photos of the Lavender were taken with a Nikon 35mm f1.8. One of my other new purchase. I have decided my 50mm f1.8's focal length is a bit too long for most of my shots.

I went for a walk at the park (Onehunga lagoon). There is a skate park there. Most of the time it is quiet and unoccupied. I guess not many people know about its existence. But this time, there was a group of skateboarders training. I managed to take a few snaps of one of them in action with my new Nikon 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 VR (except the wide angle shot of the skate park, which was taken with Tokina 11-16mm).

Onehunga lagoon is a good place to photograph dogs. There are always people walking their dogs. There are also a lot of birds in the park due to the wetland of the lagoon. There are two tide gates. When the tide is low, the waterbed get exposed and that is the feeding time for seabirds. There was a nice Labrador playing fetch with his owner. I got a few shots of him in the shallow water. These were also shot with the same 70-300mm lens.

On my way back home i saw my neighbours cat resting on his driveway. Out came my 70-300mm again. I love photographing cats. There are so much details to their face. The stripes, the long whiskers, the emerald or blue eyes can look amazing when you get your photo right. If the cat has decided not to run away from you when you approach, it will usually stay at the same spot calmly for a while for you to do your thing. Whereas a dog can be more curious and playful with strangers and tend to come up to you.


  1. excellent imagery Dennis,

    i also have the tokina 11-16mm. my wife has the 70-300mm. we are nikon shooters - D300 and D90... we've recently moved to a small southern oregon town with a skateboard park just a few blocks away. I'm keen on trying some fast action photography using my nikon D70s, the tokina wide angle and a couple of speedlights. you must have had plenty of available light to freeze that skateboarder with the 70-300mm.


    marc forrest

    flicker photos here.

  2. Hi Marc. Thanks for your comment. It is nice to meet a Nikon shooter. D300 is a nice one. I was very tempted by the D300s at one point. It was in the middle of the afternoon when i shot the picture at the skatepark. Plenty of sunlight available, so it wasn't too hard.