Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chicken curry

Although this blog focuses more on my passion for photography, i would also like to talk about my other passion....passion for food.

I have recently attended a dinner party organised for my office.  I brought along a pot of home made chicken curry and i have received requests from a few colleagues to give out my recipe. It is very simple.

Chicken thigh or drums, NOT chicken breast. Preferably keep the bone and skin on but trim away the excess fat. I like to chop my chicken into 4X3 inches pieces.
Potatoes, skin off and diced into 2 inches cubes.
Curry powder, available at most indian or asian groceries. Somewhere between 1/2 - 3/4 coffee cup of powder.
About 2 table spoons full of tumeric powder if you have (optional).
Dry chilli if you want extra kick.
Two sticks of lemon grass, fresh or frozen doesn't matter.
Two sticks of Cinnamon.
A few Anise stars.
1/2 a chopped onion.
Curry leaves optional.
One whole can of Coconut cream.

Pan sear the chicken to brown the skin. Put aside.
Then sear the potatoes in the pan then put aside.
Then put Cinnamon stick, lemon grass, Anise star and onion into the pan and heat them just briefly.
Pour the spices above, chicken and potatoes all into a big pot of boiling water. The water in the pot should be just enough to submerge your meat and potatoes, not too much more than that.
After your water has reached a steady boiling state, turn the fire down to low-medium, let it "slow cook" for somewhere between 40-50mins (depending on how much chicken and potatoes you are cooking). After this time, check your potatoes and chicken with a chopstick or fork. They all should be fairly soft by now.

Add in the whole can of coconut cream and stir. Add salt (you will usually need quite a bit of salt to balance the curry spice). The coconut will equalise the temperature a bit, so you will need to boil a while longer to bring the content up to a boil again. Stir a few times and check the meat. Turn off the heat once the meat is starting to fall off the bone easily.

Optional: Sometimes i add in a handful of Mustard seeds just prior to turning off the fire, to add a little bit of crunch to the dish.

Malaysian Chicken Curry, served!

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