Monday, December 6, 2010

Gentle beast

It's my last week as a registrar.  I am "secretly" feeling anxious.  I am 32 year old this year.  I have spent 6 years in Medical school, two years as an intern (they call it house surgeon in NZ eventhough we don't cut people up with scalpel like Dr McSteamy and McDreamy do in Grey's anatomy) and 5 years training in pathology. In other words, i have spent more than a third of my years alive achieving what i have now. And now i feel like i have gone back in time to be an intern all over again. I need to pick up new responsibilities, make decisions without people babysitting me. And this time, if i mess up and make the wrong call, it's all on me. You can understand where my anxiety is coming from.  That said, it is a very exciting time. At least i don't have to deal with exams anymore.

So i was driving home from work. In front of me was a Ferrari. I don't know much about Ferraris apart from the fact that they are fast and pricey. I think it was a F430. If i am right, this beast must have something like 500 horsepower and will go from 0-100km/hr in 4 seconds. I took this shot with my crappy Nokia just before the light turned green. I was expecting 430 angry italian stallions to disappear in front of my eyes, leaving my poor WRX with a plume of dust to chase.  I was wrong! The car turned slowly onto the motorway and then moved along the slow lane at the speed of 70km/hr.  I tailed the car for a while and gave up in the end. I overtook it and through the speckless driver's window i saw an old man in some fancy suit.  He must be in his early 60s.

The moral of the story is, when you are privileged enough to own a Ferrari, you can drive as slow as you want, whenever you want, anywhere you want and don't have to give a toss about what people think.  You certainly don't have to entertain a chinese boy racer in a WRX trying to race you at the lights :)

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