Saturday, December 25, 2010

Melaka Part 2

Here comes the part 2, the part without the awful rain, the part with the sunshine (okay i admit there wasn't much of that either, the sky was overcast). Anyway, i got to where i wanted to be. After the rain, all the tourists were out on the streets again. The Dutch village was absolutely packed full of people. Finding parking nearby was impossible. So dad had to stop by the road and wait in the car, while me and my mum left for the photoshoot.

Melaka was founded by a Malay-Hindu prince from the Srivijaya empire. His name was Parameswara. Srivijaya was once a strong empire centered at Palembang of Sumatra. The 1000 year old empire was attacked and destroyed by the rise of a new empire, the Majapahit empire led by a man called Singhasari. The Srivijayans fled to Singapore and stayed for a couple of generations until their old nemesis from Majapahit empire came chasing again. The Srivijayan prince of that time Parameswara eventually fled to Melaka.  Back then, Melaka was a small fishing village. Parameswara was sitting under a tree one day and witnessed a fight between a dog and a tiny mousedeer (locals call mousedeer a Sang Kancil).  The mousedeer defeated the dog. Parameswara took it as a sign, an omen perhaps that Melaka was special. He started building his empire again and eventually turned Melaka into one of the busiest port of the region. One thing i must point out though.  I have read somewhere that the so called ferocious dog that fought  and was defeated by the mousedeer was actually a Chihuahua! I doubt the Chihuahua was any bigger than the mousedeer. Hell, i actually think Chihuahua looks more like a mouse deer than a dog anyway. Maybe the prince had a few too many Sauvignon Blanc the night before and has mistaken the second mousedeer for Paris Hilton's Tinker Bell. Let's face it, back in the old days they probably did not have a morning hang over pill, haha. I apologise for making fun of history. But i just can't help it when i read about the Chihuahua.

Back to the photos that i have shot...

 The famous Mousedeer that fought the Chihuahua. I wish it had been a Rottweiler, not a Chihuahua.

Tan Beng Swee clocktower.

Stadthuys, meaning Town Hall in Dutch.

Rickshaw (becak) men at work.

Christ Church, Melaka.

Melaka was ruled by the Portuguese from 1511 to 1641. In 1641, they were defeated by the Dutch, who ruled Melaka from 1641 to 1798. The British took over after that.  Not much of the Portuguese buildings are left these days.  The picture below shows where the old Portuguese wall was.

I was please i had a willing model for the photoshoot. Here are a few photos of mum...

I left Melaka, feeling tired after a day of running around and driving. But i felt satisfied. I can now cross one tourist spot off my list. I can say i have visited Melaka as a tourist, with a full set of awesome photos as proof. Til the next time my friends, cheerios and Merry X'mas.

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