Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa says Hohoho!

It is still my first week in Malaysia and i have been extremely busy with various social engagements the past few days.  I have been part of a two-days wedding event (Raymond's wedding) and have volunteered to be a backup photographer. I will be posting another blog in the next few days detailing that wedding (with extensive photos coverage of course).

I was hanging out with a few friends few hours ago. It was at a little pre-xmas party at Stephen's house.  Stephen has been my friend for a long time and i have only just found out that he has moved to a new residential area. His new house was super awesome, in a safe and secured neighbourhood with a fairly decent piece of land. 

There was carolling at Stephen's house but i missed the most part of it because i was busy running through and editing some 400 photos i shot at Ray's wedding. But i was pleased i have not missed the food and the beer.

Here are some of the snap shots i took....

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