Sunday, December 12, 2010

End of an era

It is the end of an era for me this last week as a registrar. After this week, i will no longer be doing the boring jobs the superiors hate doing.  After this week i will no longer have someone telling me off because i have one minor spelling mistake in my histology report. After this week i will no longer be getting crappy registrar wages. The end of this week marks a new beginning, a future to look forward to but at the same time it also marks the end of a journey which i have shared with a few very close  colleagues of mine. With the never ending fellowship exams in the past three years, life has been a battlefield. I would not have survived if i have fought the battle alone. I am blessed to have supportive colleagues fighting the same battle with me. They are not just colleague, they are close friends, comrades, brothers and sisters. Sadly, one of them is leaving. Heinrich is heading to Australia for his fellowship. It is hard to say goodbye to somebody you have been spending almost every Saturdays of the past three years with.

We went out for a farewell dinner at Thai house, Ponsonby. The food was yummy. I brought along a bottle of Bandit (a red wine i got from Ascension Winery, Matakana). It was divine.

After dinner we took a short detour to Western Park on Ponsonby road.  Every year, the local Telco Telecom sets up a giant Xmas tree at the park.  This year, the xmas tree is as big as ever and there is a stage at the bottom of the tree with giant bean bags for people to sit.  Viewing the brightly lid xmas tree from afar was nice, but admiring the view from underneath the tree while snuggling into a giant bean bag was something else. We stayed for a little while and had to leave because it was a bit chilly and none of us was adequately dressed for the weather.

 The photo above was shot while i sat under the tree. Very cool view.

There were phone booths around the giant xmas tree. Here's Heinrich in one of them. Goodbye Heinrich. We will miss you.

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